If you wish to retire in Costa Rica, The Costa Bali Community will be a your first option; A safe, gated community, offering full time, on- site security agents, and will be managed by a community manager that is voted on by the homeowners association. The homes are solar powered allowing for savings of thousands of dollars per year in utility bill and are designed to be uniquely appealing while leaving minimum footprint on the land and utilizing local natural material. The property is a sprawling 37 acre paradise with only 20 houses slated to be built. We have set aside 4 acres of community space, set in a primary forest teeming with varieties of birds, insects, monkeys, various mammals and other wildlife.
As a Costa Rica Real Estate gem, an added feature of the Costa Bali community is the rental pool management option. While we appreciate that many of you would love to live full time in Costa Rica, we know that in actuality, most of you will become part time members of our community. Knowing your house is safe while you are away is very comforting, but also having the option to have your house rented to incoming visitors, short or long term, and knowing you will be able to make a passive income, makes buying into the Costa Bali community even more enticing. Your community manager will be fully responsible for managing the general upkeep of your house and its gardens and landscapes, and will also advertise your house or condo to the millions of tourists visiting Costa Rica each year. Chances are that your investment into our community will pay you back immediately after you become a full owner.
No other Costa Rica retirement property matches Costa Bali in value and opportunity
Costa Rica Real Estate for sale

Property Management
A Home-Owners Association will be formed to hire a community administrator to manage the common grounds and elements as well as oversee your home maintenance in your absence. A fulltime grounds guard will be on hand to insure yours and your family’s peace and security.

Community Area
Our community areas are owned by all homeowners and will include cascading rivers, primary forest, a wide range of wildlife and an animal refuge and release center to help captive local wildlife return to their natural habitat.

Rental Management
The administrator of the community will also provide services of renting your house. Your home will be marketed as a rental for inbound tourists and members of the community who are in the process of building their homes. This is a great way to generate passive income.
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