Turnkey Life Change: Costa Bali has put together a team to help all our incoming community members make a seamless transition into their new life in Costa Rica.

Leave The Stress To Us: Our turnkey house/land packages allow you to stay current on the construction of your home through the eyes of the engineers, designers and builders. Our team will help facilitate all the important options and adaptations as the houses are completed. When you arrive in Costa Rica to view your finished house, we will hand you the keys with a smile.

Streamlined Residency:With the decision to own part of Costa Bali, you will have the right to apply for residency in Costa Rica. Luckily our transition team includes an expat immigration and planning service. From shipping, to bank accounts, to buying cars, and most importantly, getting your legal process completed allowing you permanent residency in this wonderful country.

Owning Property In Costa Rica
We suggest to all incoming buyers that they own their land in a corporate form, referred to as a Sociedad Anonima or SA. Costa Bali is set up to help you acquire said corporation that will be used to claim ownership of your property.

Financing Your Costa Bali Endeavor
Costa Bali is also able to offer you several options for financing your part of our vision.

  • Diversify your IRA or 401k
  • Private Financing
  • Costa Rican Bank Financing
Own property in Costa Rica


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